Martial arts

From left:
1. With Master Sant, my shrfu, and my lao-shr certificate.
2. With my Taichi peers David and George.
3. With Master Crawford and most of the Brewster staff.
4. 2004 USKSF (Maryland) traditional(circular) 8-palm change ba-kua.
5. Drunken monk (before Shrya & Fa-shr!), New Year's lion dance, 2006.
6. Shrfu surprises me with another jen-shen!
7. Shrfu surprises me yet again

Shaolin connection

I'd wistfully said in 1991 that I might end up learning gungfu with the Shaolin monks. The monks came to the US around the same time, particularly to the American Center for Chinese Studies. Fa-shrGuolin Shi, 34th generation Shaolin kungfu monk demonstrating a punching set (right) at the Grand Opening of the ACCS gwan in Charlotte, N. Carolina, July 2002. (I'm in the black T-shirt behind the monk and Shrya Ma Fo Ren in the group picture. Shrfu Phil Sant is to the monk's right, in blue.)

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