logo "The woods, lovely, dark and deep, are to be seen on foot."

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Email: info (at) inspiredresearch (dot) com
Phone: +1 845 278 8283 (please leave message)


Inspired Research (IR) was incorporated as an LLC in Jan 2003, to bring out previously unpublished research.

What's in the name?
The name is partly derived from my daughter's name, which means inspiration in Sanskrit. The name is meant to be simple and truthful, since true research is necessarily inspired, by people before us if not by nature itself.

Sincerest form of flattery
Oxford University Computer Science department has been publishing a newsletter by the same name online since 2010.

The quote
From "Woods", a surreal autobiographical essay inspired by Frost's poem, ca. 1981-82 in Alankar, then the only students' magazine at IIT, Kharagpur.

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