Peer-reviewed material

  1. Electromagnetics

    1. Conclusive analysis and cause of the flyby anomaly   IEEE NAECON Jul 2019   paper   presentation

    2. Observational evidence for travelling wave modes bearing distance proportional shifts   EPL Jun 2015   arXiv

    3. Prediction of spectral shifts proportional to source distances by time-varying frequency or wavelength selection   poster (print)   paper at Nature of Light II: Light in Nature SPIE Optics + Photonics, San Diego, Aug 2008

    4. Electrical Theory of Thermodynamics and Particle Scale Heat Engines   poster (print)   paper at 6th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), Columbus, Ohio, Jul 2008

    5. A fundamental uncertainty of spectrometric stationarity   poster at APS NYSS Spring 2007 meeting

    6. The radiation equilibrium is classical   APS March 2006 Meeting (poster, physics/0003041

    7. Source distance information and frequency shifts by chirp decomposition   APS March 2006 Meeting

    8. A wave effect enabling universal frequency scaling, monostatic passive radar, incoherent aperture synthesis, and general immunity to jamming and interference   IEEE MILCOM 2005

    9. Relaxed Bandwidth Sharing with Space Division Multiplexing   IEEE WCNC 2005

    10. Synchronous coherent extraction of heat (IEEE Semitherm98)  
      Related: ibm:pica ibm:damocles usc:acmos

    11. Radar Imaging by Fourier Inversion
      M.Tech.'84 thesis, URSI'1986 paper with A. K. Bhattacharyya

  2. Internet architecture

    1. Virtue of Intransparency: Coordination-Free, Scale-Free Private Internets   IEEE MILCOM 2005

    2. Thesis: Canonical simplification of networking and the Internet

    3. Autonomic addressing and internetworking   Annales des Telecommunication

    4. A self-managing addressing, naming and routing service for appliances.   IWNA-4 Jan 2002.

    5. OSIx: Operating System Internet   Poster and demo presented at INET'2001.
      routing and packet formats

    6. Above & beyond the Internet (MS project, Spring'01)
      SASI: Self-aggregating Switched Internet
      Both accepted at NYNET01

    7. Who needs addresses?
      presented at ECUMN'2000 and IBM Zurich:   pdf   ps foils
      early stage Internet-Draft (expired) i-d.html

  3. General software

    1. Lightweight Languages... (Usenix DSL97)   html  pdF  summary

    2. Prototext: Universal Text Drivers (Usenix Summer'86)

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